So talented, so pretty
Slept at Jana’s yesterday and woke up to pancakes. A good start of the day so to say. She is always so on the go, studies well, buys a guitarlele and plays well after a week (?!), cooks and the list is long. I feel so talentless compared to her, but at least I’ll cheer for her haha. 
Anyway, I’m STILL not over my bad result in anatomy but today at the practical lesson my teacher (whom is also the Head of Department) told me that she knows I had a bad day and bad luck, and that felt comforting. After that I went home and took a 4 h nap haha.
Had a test in Biophysics yesterday which turned out to be alright if I would’ve gaven it more time...well I’m finding out the result tomorrow. 

Hawra came over tonight, we went for a coffee, cosy times. Now it’s time for an all-nighter! Histology along with anatomy. Coffee and chocolate prepared! 

Little Jana with a little guitarlele
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