Horrible day
I had just the most awful start of this week and on top of that this day.
I’m usually not so bad in anatomy and yesterday we had a written test in thorax. It felt so awful because most of the questions were really detailed and meaningless and almost everyone was upset about how unfair and hard it was. 
Today we had the pin test, which is when we have to point out what structure the teacher has marked on structures/cadavers on 4 tables. And on time pressure, 2:30 min for each table. 
I did really really bad, worst result so far. It’s gonna take time to forgive myself. The main thing is I at least past, I guess. 
No point to be feel sorry for myself so I’m gonna do an all nighter and study some histology, although I just really wanna dive into this...

Gotta go, coffee doesn’t brew itself.
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