Car crash
My mom and I went through a car crash. 

It was so fast, the guy in front of us just stopped suddenly. Mom didn’t have time to stop and we crashed into him. 
Air bags went off, mom got into shock and I just ran out to get her out of the car. She couldn’t move her arms from the pain and she was bleeding. I called the ambulance and cops and they came and questioned me as they were helping my poor mom. Then they took us with the ambulance and that’s when I started to feel severe headache and pain in my neck. So they decided to treat me as an emergency patient as well. Both of us went through an x-ray and had several tests, we were at the emergency for like 9 hours. 
Now we are both home and no severe damage is to anyone of us. Mom has an injured arm and some wounds, but it will be fine I hope. 

Thank God for this outcome, could’ve been so much worse. And thank god for seat belts. 
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