Swedish student in Slovakia

Good evening (night)!

I thought I could write a bit about my life here so far!
I'm a 1st year student of General Medicine at Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, Slovakia.
It's an international programme, everything is in English. People come from all around the world to study here so it's such an amazing and multi-cultural atmosphere. I've met some good old swedes, but I've also met some really awesome Germans, Spanish etc that I'm also hanging out with.

 I have mostly general subjects that are not so related to medicine per se, like Slovak, Biology, Latin, Chemistry(that one is a killer), but I do have Anatomy, which is of course the favorite, though it's a lot to take in.

It was only like the second week and already the first thing I see when I entered the dissection room on the Anatomy department was hands, arms and shoulders of dead bodies laying on the tables. It was quite amazing, the skin was pealed off, and we could see the muscles, the joints and parts of the bones. I couldn't bare the smell of the formalin though, it's truly awful and to this day I still cannot stand it. I had to go out for two minutes to breathe from it because it was really sticking in the nose, and making me dizzy. 
The third week, as we entered the dissection rooms we now found two cadavers on the tables, with pealed skin and visible nerves, arteries and veins. 
Here in Slovakia they expect you to be tough from the day you come out your mother, so a pre hint is not offered nor will it ever occur to their mind! I don't mind this though, cause when you get two bodies like that in front of you without a warning there will not be any time to be nervous about it, and no one seemed to have a problem with it in my class either.
Now we work with cadavers every week. Still hate the smell, but I've taken it well. 

Even though it is a lot to do all the time, me and the girls try to go out and have some wine on fridays, I'm on a café tour of this town haha and me and my roomie always find time to do our nails. 

// Linda



Anna and me before the "Matriculation ceremony". We can never get serious 
picture of this girl.

This was on my roomate Emelie's birthday
(Anna, Cherpa, Emelie, Johanna, Jana)

"Lekarska Fakulta", the Faculty of Medicine which I study at.
One of those wine nights I mentioned!
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