How it all began

I decided that I wanted to fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor shortly after my birthday this May. In August I was accepted to a medical university. I know, fast worker. How did I make it all happen? 

I was already studying while I was living in Stockholm. I was in a bacholor's programme with a major in "Enterprise Planning Systems", basically informatics. I choose it because i had been working with something similar (or at least that's what I thought it would be when I applied for it) at "Ericsson", a worldwide IT company. I had connections there, my dad's an engineer, everybody was talking so much of how IT is the future for women so I choose to try to study it  at Stockholm University. It was a really good education, I had really nice friends and I knew I was going to have a job straight after my educatuion since the world is breathing data these days. But the problem was: this absolutely NOT right for me. 

I felt straight as I sat down on my first lecture of "Computer Science" that I'm misplaced. Every word the professor said was going in through one ear and then out of the other one. I just thought I didn't follow it, that I could study at home and then it would be better. It was only the first le´cture so it's probably normal I thought. 
But this was unfortunatly a repeating situation, and eventually I realized I was misplaced, because everyone else seemed to actually enjoy it. I really didn't like any of the courses I took during the whole year. Everytime I went to school I felt stomach pain, I could barely concentrate while studying because I thought it was so boring and eventually I even stopped caring. I became a bit depressed by it among the way and at the end of the second semester, I barely touched the books, I didn't even try anymore. Was my life really going to consist of all this boring things I can't even stand? 

Well, I always wanted to be a doctor, I just didn't have the average for getting accepted into a Swedish university. Therefore, I didn't even dare to dream about becoming one for real and I didn't dig so deep into this idea. 

One in day in May, my cousin and I were having a conversation about what she would do after her high school graduation. She told me she had applied for a Latvian univeristy to study medicine. I hadn't even given this alternative a thought since it costs a lot of money and I wouldn't dare to ask my parents, even though I know they would do anything for me. She told me I should call the agency who helped her just to check out what it was all about. 
So I did, and appaerantly I was already in their database since 4 years because I talked to them about it back then. I had completely forgotten about this, but I took it as a sign...
The agency and I talked for hours this time. They explained that it was a bit late to apply to most universities but that the application for a Slovak university was still open, and that the entrance exam would be held in the middle of August. I said "I'm in" without a second of doubt, cancelled almost all my summer plans, told my boss at work I'm not coming to work during the summer and I started to prepare myself for the exam. I had two months to learn great topics of chemistry and biology, luckily with provided material from the agency but still only two months (!!!).

I took the test on the 18th of August and a few days later I got the message that I was accepted. My best friend was with me and I instantly called my family to tell them the great news. 
This was defently one of the happiest days of my life, all my friends was so supportive and happy, as well as my dear family.

So that's the story! Short version haha. I decided there is no limit for doing what I'm passionate about, I'll move anywhere and do almost anything for it, and I can't explain how happy I am it turned out this way. 
Only one thing left though: SURVIVING MEDSCHOOL...


// Linda

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