Now I'm sitting in my bed in Stockholm, took the plane with Anna and Cherpa this Friday. It feels good to be home and finally celebrate Christmas with my family but I had such a busy week with my last exams..
- Anatomy pin test and written test
- Latin final exam
- Informatics
The last one I failed on the first try, I had it on the same day as anatomy so it was a bummer but still ok. I decided to retake it on the Thursday, and I studied unecessarly A LOT for it. 
I can't believe my first semester is already over, it went so fast. It feels like it was yesterday that I was living in that horrible hotel with Emelie and looking for apartments. I was nervous, could barely orientate myself to restrooms at school, and not even touching tap water haha. But now one is done - eleven to go! 
// Linda
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